The Harpsichord Project E-book

A Construction Guide for the First Time Builder
Ernest Miller Harpsichords

The Harpsichord Project E-Book is available on a CD or as an Instant Download. The Instant Download setup files can be saved in your computer and used whenever necessary to re-install the e-book or any of its files.

About the demo . . .

Of all the various skills required to build a harpsichord, the construction of the keyboard poses the greatest challenge for most novice builders - and some professional ones as well. The Harpsichord Project Demo contains the first six chapters of the book - complete and unabridged, as well as access to all of the videos, sound files, and parts suppliers. These chapters detail the entire keyboard building process. By downloading the Demo and studying it carefully, you will get a greater understanding of the level of detail you will be working with. You may even find it advantageous to build the keyboard before committing yourself to purchasing the ebook and building the entire instrument. This can be done at minimal cost and will help you determine your level of interest in this type of work.