The Harpsichord Project E-book

A Construction Guide for the First Time Builder
Ernest Miller Harpsichords

The Ottavino Music Box  (Bonus E-Book)

An exact duplicate of the original - in miniature. It measures 11 1/2" x 5 7/8" x 5 3/4". Press down on the keyboard and the music box plays. Release the keys and the music stops.

The Ottavino Music Box Construction Manual is a 221 page e-book. Divided into twelve chapters, the instruction is supplemented by over 250 photographs and illustrations. There are no plans to follow or CAD files to decipher. Instead, the e-book takes you through each and every step, making it possible for almost anyone with basic woodworking skills, and the machinery found in most home workshops, to succeed. You can build it because every step is fully explained and supplemented with a photo or illustration. Everything is included - lid painting templates, case paper templates, and everything else you will need.

While it requires very little in the way of raw materials, it is definitely not a weekend project - working in miniature has its challenges. Just like its full-sized cousins, attention to small details is necessary for a successful outcome. For a truly unusual gift, this is a project that can't be beat - not to mention the feeling of personal satisfaction you will feel from having built it yourself.

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